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What Type Of Energy Do You Bring As Client??? To My Stylist What Type Of Energy Do You Give?

Real talk with Nay the stylist‼️ Hey y’all it’s Saturday and I’m getting ready for my 9am client. The style I’m doing doesn’t take long but it’s Saturday. Even if I don’t have plans as a stylist I like my weekends who wants to do hair on the weekend🤣 Just kidding most of my clients book on the weekend. But on a serious note if you’re booking with me I don’t care what day of the week it is, as long as your energy cool and you bring good vibes you’re alright with me! Now of course we don’t know the type of energy you bring until you’re already sitting in our chair waiting to be styled. But I promise you one thing. When you book with me we will have a good time we will laugh, we will talk, and we may even cry together. But if you don’t bring none of the three the first go round I don’t want you back. Now that don’t mean we have to talk the whole time cause I may throw my music on and sing your head off too. What I’m saying is here at Amazing Nay‘s we have a good vibe only policy. And if you plan on coming back we going get to know one another. Not saying personal business but we will converse. I don’t want no log in my chair lol. Now if you tired and it’s not that kind of day I understand but you have to at least speak and thank me when you leave! Now to my hairstylist do you have a preference on the energy giving? For my clients what type of energy do you bring? I better see my clients comment too😂 I say all this because my favorite little crazy tale self cousin is about to have me pinching her up in my chair. Because we will be laughing. Shoot I might even make us breakfast 😂 That’s another post for later. Check out my website for more daily blogs

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