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Stick to what your hairstylist recommend!!!

Real talk with Nay the stylist‼️

Ard so I’m going talk my shit but I just want y’all to know this client is my cousin and I warned her that I was going talk my stuff. So getting right to it, I did her hair yesterday. I normally hate doing small Knotless because it takes me forever but since she booked in advance I had time to mentally prepare. Anyways since I’m trying get my time down I asked my cousin to bring her the day before for I can prep the hair in advance.

My Cousin: Oh cousin about that I’m trying something new. I ordered some hair off of Amazon because it was much cheaper.

Me: (on the other end of the phone thinking who the hell told you to order the hair and it better be Ruwa 3X expression) but I responded ok did you check the reviews

My Cousin: I checked the reviews and they were good. Shoot this hair was much cheaper than going to the hair store.

Me: ok well it should be fine we will see how it do

So I get up at 8:30 the next day to prep the hair and almost caught an instant attitude y’all. As I’m putting the hair on the rack I thought to myself this is def not going to be good. Soon as my cousin walks through the door at 9am sharp

Me: cousin I don’t know about this hair. It feels like a silky texture that’s going to be hard to dip ends

My Cousin: goes on Amazon to check the reviews and says oh it is a mixture as far as the reviews. It says it’s synthetic hair

Me: blown to the max now that I know it’s synthetic I started over thinking. So I said I mean you can go get the hair I use if you want.

My cousin: no we can just try this out.

Me: literally 10 hours later. It’s dipping time and I’m nervous as fuck. I dipped the hair over 10 times. Even cut a lot of the ends (I hate cutting the hair it looks stupid) but I was trying to do anything to make it look right

My Cousin; looking in the mirror like it’s ok it’s not even that bad.

Me: looking at the hair wanting to scream because the parts look so damn good but the ends look like wtf. My response was if you say so but for now on just get the hair we’re use to.

I say this for all my stylist. Y’all need to get what we tell y’all to get. I know we’re not paying for it. But as a stylist we will always recommend what work better for us because at the end of the day we know what will give us the best results. And besides that my damn fingers hurt because the hair texture felt like it could cut me. So for now on if you plan on bringing your own hair please bring what I use. I repeat please bring what I use!!! Please like comment and repost if you read to the end because is stylist are not going for it!

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