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Do you require a deposit fee?

Real talk with Nay the stylists‼️

Y’all have to stop scamming people out of their money. I say this because I just got a phone call from a new client. She booked an appointment but was scared to send her deposit because she has recently got scammed. So me being me I talked to her and made her feel comfortable. I told her I’m sorry that she has experienced that. I even went as far as sending her my address as soon as she sent her deposit. To make her feel even more comfortable I told her she can come today to make sure it’s a real address. But I shouldn’t have to do all that and I didn’t have too. Me being me I did it because I see people get scammed all the time. To anyone who has gotten scammed I encourage you to post about it not to be messy but to spread awareness. Also just because other people may be stealing deposits you have to honor those small business who are legitimately asking for a deposit to secure our booking. For more daily hair blogs visit my website @

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