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Do you allow kids while servicing the parent?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Real talk with Nay the Stylist‼️

Yesterday I did my sister hair, because she booked in advance I was cool no complaints no problems. She wanted a crochet loc style but she wanted to instal them a different way than I’m used to. Getting into the reason I’m here.

Me: gets up early to prepare for my client.

My Sissy Quan: sends a text (Getting on the road now. Hopefully we'll be there by 10)

Me: reads the message as I think to myself

like yea ard you better be on time because you know there is a late fee but I simply reply (Good morning thanks for the heads up! Style you soon sissy sis😘)

My Sissy Quan: text me at 9:51am (I'm at the door)

Me: I open the door. My sis has my niece and nephew with her. That was fine because she asked if they could come.

Mind you this is a new style I’m trying for the first time so I’m really trying to focus. Tell me why my niece started climbing all in the chair while I’m trying to do my sister hair. Next thing I know she started crying tapping on my leg for me to pick her up. After that she pooped so her mother had to stop to change her. Listen yall I don’t have a no kids rule because I know how it be so I understand. Momma Nay love the kids. But Missy miss thought she was about to be in the way. Nope I set her straight and did what needed to be done. I was telling my sister like hunny I see why people don’t allow kids while servicing the parents. I say this to say as a stylist I can see why there is a no kids rule, but on the other hand some mothers don’t have a baby sitter and they have to do what they have to do. So Nay let you bring kids as long as you got them under control. But that wasn’t the real problem. What made me mad was when my sister asked for a mirror to show me a similar way to install. That actually turned into her helping me but that’s another story for later. Don’t go to another stylist trying to help unless they ask for help. She going keep asking am I in your way. Y’all know I keep it real I could’ve popped her hands 10 times lol. But the end result was Amazing and I enjoyed styling my big sissy😘

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