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Customer service matters!

Real talk with Nay the stylist‼️

I posted this bomb special yesterday for my 2 braids. To be honest I just wanted to promote myself a little. So as the day goes on I decided to go hang out with my family. At 9 o’clock pm I get a text.

New Client: hello my name is……do you have any openings for tomorrow and how much do you charge? Me: as I stated y’all I was out having fun so when the text came through I was playing uno. I responded yes I’m available at 9:30am

New Client: Ok I can book for tomorrow how many packs of hair do I need? Me: you’ll need 2 packs of the Ruwa hair New Client: Do you provide hair?

Me: I can provide the hair but it will be an additional charge

New Client: That’s fine

Me: getting yelled at by my mother and sisters because it’s my turn to put out cards but I’m texting my client what color hair do you need.

New Client: 2 I think

Me: send me a pic of your hair and I’ll decide. After getting the pics I told her 1b would be fine because I’ll tuck her real hair anyways. New Client: ok Thank you see you tomorrow

Me: no problem boo Style you soon!

I say all this to say as a braider don’t let pleasure mess up business. As much fun I was having playing uno it didn’t hurt to take a second to converse back and forth with my first time client. See what y’all don’t know is customer service starts with the first contact made with your client rather that’s via text, email, phone or in person. Since customer service is the key I make sure to have my client feeling comfortable before booking with me. That’s why I like to say little stuff like Style you soon😘 I don’t know who need to hear this but put them clients first. I don’t know how many times I waited to text a client back and by the time I texted them back they had already booked elsewhere. I promise y’all it be the simple things!

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