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Are you honest with your clients?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Real talk with Nay the stylist‼️ So as y’all know I’m a stylist that’s learning and evolving daily. But most importantly I’m honest and passionate about what I do. So getting straight to the point, but before I start I will say I have my client face blocked out for her privacy but I wanted to paint a vivid picture for you guys. Me: Up at 9am preparing for my 10am client

New Client: sends txt (Good morning, my name is… im on your booking site and seen you have availability for tomorrow so I wanted to get me and my daughter an appointment for two feed ins, however after having my son my hair is damaged on my edges and everyone doesn't know how to do them so it doesn't look like im bald i can send you pics if needed, but don't want to book without consulting.)

Me: reading the text smiling hard because I’m loving the energy I’m

reciving from the text. I reply (Good morning thanks for the advance notice. Can you send me pics and I’ll be honest and tell you if I can do it or not?)

New Client: sends picture

Me: I’ve never worked with hair loss before but I’m most def up for the challenge. Have you had this style with your hair being damaged before? If yes can I see pics because I think I could possible do them higher instead of having them so close to the edges if that makes sense. I could also do them smaller)

New client sends picture

Me: after looking at the picture she sent me. I was more happy to say yes now because I see it’s possible. So I said (Ok as a stylist I like to be honest. I haven’t done it before but I believe I can get it done! If you’re willing to go forward. I’m up for the challenging!)

New Client: Okay I can braid myself so looking at your work im pretty confident I'll go ahead and book how do i send the deposit

Me:Wow! Thank you so much, not to get all mushy and stuff but that means a lot. So when you come to tomorrow I promise you boo I’m going get you right😘 You can book on my website

New Client: lol np and okay we are booked. And do you use specific hair?

Me: Yes I use 2packs of the expression 3X Ruwa hair

So when my client arrived y’all I was nervous. I did the first braid but I didn’t braid it all the way down because I wasn’t feeling it. So I did the other braid and came back. Honey when I tell you I was proud of what I did believe me. I texted my client like

Me:Hey boo thanks so much for styling with me! I appreciate you giving me a chance to get the job done😘

New Client: Np you did great! You mastered something else, and you have great energy!

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